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The Missouri Cannabis Business Network was founded to leverage the experience and expertise of Missouri cannabis industry leaders and encourage synergistic partnerships across the state. We believe the Missouri cannabis industry will only remain as strong as the relationships forged between its members. As a member of our network, we will stand with you in the face of large corporations and any other threat that stands in the way of your right to succeed in a free market. As an ally of our statewide communities, we will utilize the strengths of our members to create a progressive movement to change the public's perception on what legal cannabis can do for the state of Missouri and its residents.


All Members:

Gain access to our proprietary database, containing the contact information of our active members and a summary of their services. The database is accessible via the network's webpage, password protected, and supports live updates of new members and any changes to existing members' contact information, products, and/or services. All active members have access to our private Facebook group and Instagram page. These will act as a social hub for collaboration, peer-to-peer guidance, and a source for business recommendations.

Featured Members:

Our "Featured Members" advertising service provides your business with a prime advertisement spot on the network's webpage and includes weekly promotional posts across our social media accounts for the duration of one month. Inquire today for pricing and availability!

Community Outreach:

Network sponsored social engagement events, such as fundraisers and volunteering events, will be established in order to shift the public's perception of the cannabis industry and its members. Event sponsorship opportunities will be made available to members.